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City Bike Rental Service

I made a concept and brand design for this City bike rental service in Chamonix, France.

The concept is about city bike rentals with home delivery. Chamonix has many visitors, and not everyone is getting a hotel or rental apartment from the city center. If the visitor is staying in few kilometers from the city center, it is still a biking distance. The concept includes bikes that are small enough that you can store them in small apartments or even in hotel rooms. Chamonix lacks public rental at night time, so after a few beers in the center, it is super easy to bike back to the hotel or apartment. Also, shopping is easy with these bikes because bikes are equipped with rear racks and baskets in front.

Key to success

* Convenience of Home Delivery: Bike rental service offering home delivery, visitors can conveniently access bikes even if they are staying a few kilometers away from the city center.
* Space-saving and Easy Storage: Compact bikes are designed to fit in small apartments or hotel rooms, eliminating the need for visitors to worry about finding secure bike storage options outside of their accommodation.
* 24/7 Rental Availability: Unlike public rental options, service operates during nighttime as well. Visitors can enjoy the city’s nightlife and easily bike back to their hotel or apartment, promoting safe and eco-friendly transportation.
* Hassle-free Shopping: Bikes come equipped with rear racks and front baskets, making them perfect for shopping trips. Visitors can effortlessly carry their purchases while exploring the city, enhancing their shopping experience.
* User-friendly Online Booking: Through website’s online booking system powered by WordPress and WooCommerce, visitors can easily reserve bikes and schedule home delivery services at their desired date and time. This streamlined process ensures efficient management of bookings and secure online transactions.

These benefits showcase the convenience, flexibility, and enhanced experiences that your city bike rental service in Chamonix, France offers to visitors.

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