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Email marketing in B2B companies is like a blind date. You need to impress the right person with the perfect message, or else you’ll end up in the spam folder of their heart. So, use those high-quality contact lists, and don’t be afraid to send a witty pick-up line. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up closing a deal AND a date.

This is how we would work

We take email marketing very seriously. We don’t just send random messages to strangers like those weird people on dating apps. Instead, we create personalized campaigns for B2B companies, targeting the right people with the right message. It’s like being a matchmaker for businesses!

Why choose email marketing, you ask?

Well, it’s cost-effective and doesn’t require us to wear fancy suits and attend networking events (phew!). Plus, it’s a more polite way to approach potential customers than showing up at their doorstep uninvited. And the best part? We get to analyze data and track responses, which is like playing detective but with less danger and more sales.

So, if you want to find your business’s soulmate (or just some new leads), let us help you swipe right with email marketing!


Project plan


We gather around a big table, map out our ideal targets (aka potential customers), and come up with a foolproof plan to win them over.

During our kickoff meeting, we discuss everything from the tone of our emails (are we suave and sophisticated, or quirky and fun?) to what we want to do with our newfound leads (take them out for dinner or just send them a follow-up email?). We create a shared email account because teamwork makes dream work!

And then, after a week of meticulous planning (or maybe just procrastinating), we finally launch our campaign and send emails to the right inboxes. It’s like Ocean’s Eleven, but with less glamour and more sales. Are you in?


After our epic kickoff meeting, we roll up our sleeves and start building our contact lists like master builders. We meticulously sift through mountains of data, looking for the perfect leads who fit our criteria.

Once we’ve compiled a list that would make Santa jealous, we send it to you for approval. You can cross out any naughty or nice companies you don’t want us to contact, and we’ll happily oblige.

It’s like we’re Santa’s elves, but instead of toys, we’re making leads. And instead of a sleigh, we have an email server. But hey, the spirit of giving (and selling) is still there, right?


Tarjoamme kokonaisvaltaisen palvelun, joka sisältää myös liidien välittämisen.

When the campaign is running, we’ll handle all your email messages and deliver only the hot leads to your sales team. This means we’ll sift through all the responses, pick out the potential customers, and serve them up piping hot to your sales reps. Think of us like a gourmet chef, but instead of cooking up delicious dishes, we’re serving up scrumptious sales leads!

We also take care of monitoring the shared email inbox and respond to all the messages we receive, whether the response is positive or negative. This ensures that your customers always receive professional and friendly service.

The positive responses that we forward to your sales team include things like quote requests, meetings, or questions that show interest in the offered service or product. This ensures that your salespeople have only quality leads that can lead to sales..


Oh boy, every month we’ll give you a fancy report on how much we rocked your email campaign!

We’ll send you a written report on the results of your email marketing every month, where we’ll go through the most important metrics, like email open rates, response rates, and the percentage of leads we’ve captured.


Length 1 month / 100 companies

750 € / month

We will contact 100 companies in month.

Extra contacts a 35 € .

Prices vat 0%